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Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. It is the town where he came from where very strange things started happening with his arrival in a spaceship in the midst of a meteor storm of green rocks. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks, keep his powers a secret, cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor, and balance the two girls in his life, Chloe and Lana. The show also shows us how Lex Luthor develops from a friend of Clark's and kinda-okay guy to (presumably) the villain who will plague Superman in his later years.

Info about Smallville

Show Status : Ended
Genre : Supernatural drama, Science fiction
Duration of Episode :42 minutes
Country of Origin :USA
Network it Airs On :The WB (2001-2006), The CW (2006-2011)
Rating :**

Trailer of Smallville

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Episode List for Smallville

  1. Season 10
  2. Season 9
  3. Season 8
  4. Odyssey S08 E01 Watched?
    Toxic S08 E03 Watched?
    Instinct S08 E04 Watched?
    Commited S08 E05 Watched?
    Prey S08 E06 Watched?
    Identity S08 E07 Watched?
    Abyss S08 E09 Watched?
    Bride S08 E10 Watched?
    Legion S08 E11 Watched?
    Power S08 E13 Watched?
    Requiem S08 E14 Watched?
    Infamous S08 E15 Watched?
    Hex S08 E17 Watched?
    Eternal S08 E18 Watched?
    Stiletto S08 E19 Watched?
    Beast S08 E20 Watched?
    Doomsday S08 E22 Watched?
  5. Season 7
  6. Bizarro S07 E01 Watched?
    Kara S07 E02 Watched?
    Pierce S07 E03 Watched?
    Cure S07 E04 Watched?
    Action S07 E05 Watched?
    Lara S07 E06 Watched?
    Wrath S07 E07 Watched?
    Blue S07 E08 Watched?
    Gemini S07 E09 Watched?
    Persona S07 E10 Watched?
    Siren S07 E11 Watched?
    Fracture S07 E12 Watched?
    Hero S07 E13 Watched?
    Traveler S07 E14 Watched?
    Veritas S07 E15 Watched?
    Descent S07 E16 Watched?
    Sleeper S07 E17 Watched?
    Quest S07 E19 Watched?
    Arctic S07 E20 Watched?
  7. Season 6
  8. Zod S06 E01 Watched?
    Sneeze S06 E02 Watched?
    Wither S06 E03 Watched?
    Arrow S06 E04 Watched?
    Reunion S06 E05 Watched?
    Fallout S06 E06 Watched?
    Rage S06 E07 Watched?
    Static S06 E08 Watched?
    Hydro S06 E10 Watched?
    Justice S06 E11 Watched?
    Crimson S06 E13 Watched?
    Trespass S06 E14 Watched?
    Freak S06 E15 Watched?
    Promise S06 E16 Watched?
    Combat S06 E17 Watched?
    Progeny S06 E18 Watched?
    Nemesis S06 E19 Watched?
    Noir S06 E20 Watched?
    Phantom S06 E22 Watched?
  9. Season 5
  10. Arrival S05 E01 Watched?
    Mortal S05 E02 Watched?
    Hidden S05 E03 Watched?
    Aqua S05 E04 Watched?
    Thirst S05 E05 Watched?
    Exposed S05 E06 Watched?
    Splinter S05 E07 Watched?
    Solitude S05 E08 Watched?
    Lexmas S05 E09 Watched?
    Fanatic S05 E10 Watched?
    Lockdown S05 E11 Watched?
    Tomb S05 E14 Watched?
    Cyborg S05 E15 Watched?
    Hypnotic S05 E16 Watched?
    Void S05 E17 Watched?
    Fragile S05 E18 Watched?
    Mercy S05 E19 Watched?
    Fade S05 E20 Watched?
    Oracle S05 E21 Watched?
    Vessel S05 E22 Watched?
  11. Season 4
  12. Crusade S04 E01 Watched?
    Gone S04 E02 Watched?
    Facade S04 E03 Watched?
    Devoted S04 E04 Watched?
    Run S04 E05 Watched?
    Jinx S04 E07 Watched?
    Spell S04 E08 Watched?
    Bound S04 E09 Watched?
    Scare S04 E10 Watched?
    Unsafe S04 E11 Watched?
    Pariah S04 E12 Watched?
    Recruit S04 E13 Watched?
    Krypto S04 E14 Watched?
    Sacred S04 E15 Watched?
    Lucy S04 E16 Watched?
    Onyx S04 E17 Watched?
    Spirit S04 E18 Watched?
    Blank S04 E19 Watched?
    Ageless S04 E20 Watched?
    Forever S04 E21 Watched?
  13. Season 3
  14. Season 2
  15. Vortex S02 E01 Watched?
    Heat S02 E02 Watched?
    Red S02 E04 Watched?
    Nocturne S02 E05 Watched?
    Redux S02 E06 Watched?
    Lineage S02 E07 Watched?
    Ryan S02 E08 Watched?
    Dichotic S02 E09 Watched?
    Visage S02 E11 Watched?
    Suspect S02 E13 Watched?
    Rush S02 E14 Watched?
    Prodigal S02 E15 Watched?
    Fever S02 E16 Watched?
    Rosetta S02 E17 Watched?
    Visitor S02 E18 Watched?
    Witness S02 E20 Watched?
    Calling S02 E22 Watched?
    Exodus S02 E23 Watched?
  16. Season 1
  17. Pilot S01 E01 Watched?
    Hothead S01 E03 Watched?
    X-ray S01 E04 Watched?
    Cool S01 E05 Watched?
    Craving S01 E07 Watched?
    Jitters S01 E08 Watched?
    Rogue S01 E09 Watched?
    Shimmer S01 E10 Watched?
    Hug S01 E11 Watched?
    Leech S01 E12 Watched?
    Kinetic S01 E13 Watched?
    Zero S01 E14 Watched?
    Stray S01 E16 Watched?
    Reaper S01 E17 Watched?
    Drone S01 E18 Watched?
    Crush S01 E19 Watched?
    Obscura S01 E20 Watched?
    Tempest S01 E21 Watched?

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