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Fast-paced and full of angst-ridden fun, this British drama is based on a group of Bristolian teenagers and their personal struggle with highly-charged issues of race, religion, sexuality, drugs and food disorders.

Info about Skins

Show Status : Ended
Genre : Teen drama
Duration of Episode :44-48 minutes
Country of Origin :USA
Network it Airs On :E4
Rating :**

Trailer of Skins

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Episode List for Skins

  1. Season 7
  2. Season 6
  3. Rich S06 E02 Watched?
    Alex S06 E03 Watched?
    Franky S06 E04 Watched?
    Mini S06 E05 Watched?
    Nick S06 E06 Watched?
    Alo S06 E07 Watched?
    Liv S06 E08 Watched?
    Everyone S06 E10 Watched?
  4. Season 5
  5. Franky S05 E01 Watched?
    Rich S05 E02 Watched?
    Mini S05 E03 Watched?
    Liv S05 E04 Watched?
    Nick S05 E05 Watched?
    Alo S05 E06 Watched?
    Grace S05 E07 Watched?
    Everyone S05 E08 Watched?
  6. Season 4
  7. Thomas S04 E01 Watched?
    Emily S04 E02 Watched?
    Cook S04 E03 Watched?
    Katie S04 E04 Watched?
    Freddie S04 E05 Watched?
    JJ S04 E06 Watched?
    Effy S04 E07 Watched?
    Everyone S04 E08 Watched?
  8. Season 3
  9. Everyone S03 E01 Watched?
    Cook S03 E02 Watched?
    Thomas S03 E03 Watched?
    Pandora S03 E04 Watched?
    Freddie S03 E05 Watched?
    Naomi S03 E06 Watched?
    JJ S03 E07 Watched?
    Effy S03 E08 Watched?
    Finale S03 E10 Watched?
  10. Season 2
  11. Sketch S02 E02 Watched?
    Sid S02 E03 Watched?
    Michelle S02 E04 Watched?
    Chris S02 E05 Watched?
    Tony S02 E06 Watched?
    Effy S02 E07 Watched?
    Jal S02 E08 Watched?
    Cassie S02 E09 Watched?
    Everyone S02 E10 Watched?
  12. Season 1
  13. Tony S01 E01 Watched?
    Cassie S01 E02 Watched?
    Jal S01 E03 Watched?
    Chris S01 E04 Watched?
    Sid S01 E05 Watched?
    Michelle S01 E07 Watched?
    Effy S01 E08 Watched?
    Finale S01 E09 Watched?

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