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Arrested Development

Arrested Development revolves around the excessive lifestyles of the dysfunctional and formerly very wealthy Bluth family. After the Bluths lost their fortune due to shifty accounting practices by the family patriarch, George Bluth, Sr., George's son, Michael Bluth, the "normal one" of the family is forced to live in Orange County to run the family business while his father is in prison. Now, Michael has to piece together what's left of the family business while struggling to teach his family how to live without the endless expense account they're used to. All the while, Michael strives to do good by his teenaged son, George Michael, a serious, work-driven kid, much like his father, who works meticulously at the family's famous frozen banana stand. Michael's efforts to help the family are constantly tripped up by his manipulative, socialite mother, Lucille Bluth, who is critical of everything her children say and do, except for her youngest son, Byron "Buster" Bluth. Lucille has kept a tight grip on her youngest son, and due to his mother's sheltering and control over his every move, Buster lacks social skills and is prone to panic attacks. Then there's G.O.B., the Bluth's oldest son, who's a struggling magician illusionist that strives to finally pull off that one big trick. And lastly there's the Bluth sister, Lindsay, who married a doctor-turned-actor, Tobias, who suffers from his self-proclaimed "never-nude" illness and constantly finds himself in inadvertent homosexual connotations. Together, Lindsay and Tobias had a daughter, Maeby, and their permissive parenting styles have turned her into the polar-opposite of George Michael.

Info about Arrested Development

Show Status : Ended
Genre : Sitcom
Duration of Episode :30 minutes
Country of Origin :USA
Network it Airs On :FOX-Netflix
Rating :**

Trailer of Arrested Development

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Episode List for Arrested Development

  1. Season 4
  2. Season 3
  3. Season 2
  4. Season 1

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